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At pykih, we believe at challenging the Status Quo. We don't force ourselves to be unique, but allow our own diverse perspectives to build value for our customers, in our products and ultimately towards our collective.

What we believe makes an ideal team mate for us at Pykih?

We are looking for candidates who have built or are on the path to build strength along 7 dimensions:


You stay tenacious and resilient in fast-paced, ambiguous environments. You stick with it when things get hard (or boring). You take actions with minimal instructions and figure it out ... fast. You practice self-efficacy and believe in the ability to grow and learn by yourself.



You should be a quick learner, customer-empathetic, creative and innovative. You have an innate desire to learn every single detail about a topic. You are genuinely curious about the role you play in the organization and how it relates to the roles of others. You have a strong sense of empathy to the problems customers face and ask the right questions to find solutions.


You must prioritize time and actions to deliver business value. You understand the company's goals and are able to relate how your personal role will help us achieve them. You are highly efficient and organize your time and actions to drive the most value possible. You are focused on the company's success rather than just your own.


You work effectively with diverse teams, internal and client teams. You have high emotional intelligence and you can recognize emotions in other people. You genuinely enjoy working with others and are highly effective in group settings. You understand your strengths and weaknesses well and realize how you can best ocntribute in a situation.


You are analytical, data-driven and exhaustive. You understand the importance of being data-driven. You can collect, interpret, process and derive meaning from qualitative and quantitative data to make critical decisions quickly. You are extremely detail oriented and exhaustive.


You take initiative in service of others. You proactively take action when you recognize a need. You take responsbility for your accomplishments as well as your failures. You do not have a victim's mindset when things get tough.


You communicate confidently, professionally, and authentically across business settings. You are confident and authentic in conversations and in writing. You have excellent written communication skills, especially over email. You can understand and can control your non-verbal communication.

How does pykih contribute to your growth?

1. Competent salary. (Market Comparable)
2. Extreme focus helping you achieve your potential.

- Directed mentorship.
- Early exposure to product thinking, customers, proposal writing, etc. to grow you professionally and intellectually.
- Budget to attend conferences, buy books, time to read and experiment.
- Very early at pykih you are given ownership of your work.
- Group reading of Research Papers and group discussions of the latest research in our space.

3. Auto-regulation: Freedom to come and go when you want, when you want to take leaves or work from home provided basic rules are followed and work is done.



Mumbai is a space crunched, polluted, vertical city. However, ideally we want a working space that was open, green, creative, youthful and energetic. Mumbai is a very big city and the team comes all across Mumbai. Hence, the location had to be somewhere in the center. It also had to be connected to the Railway lines to easy connectivity. Some team-mates are from out of station and Mumbai has the costliest real-estate prices. Hence, the location required that there was access to relatively low cost housing available at rent. We finally found such a space. A College!

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