Who are we?

Most companies believe in Product > People > Process that is they start with a Product, back it up with a team and finally bring in processes as they scale. We, at Pykih, have taken an alternative approach.

We believe in People > Process > Product. We believe that if we build a technically sound bootstrapped team, keep improving ourselves with capability and processes then it is inevitable that products and growth will follow.

Our Story

pykih is a single founder company. I wanted to pioneer the human-computer interface for the big data age. However, when I started, I had no funds, no talent, no domain knowledge, no customers and no brand.

However, I knew that magical things happen when you pack a bunch of "i-am-best-at-what-i-do" domain experts in one room working and make them focus on one problem.

I interviewed 72 candidates across 9 months before hiring my first guy. Three college drop-outs folded their startups to join pykih. We are completely funded from customer money. US and German companies hire us to add data design thinking into their product.

Today, Pykih has capability / expertise in data design, GIS design, interactivity design and data engineering.

- Ritvvij Parrikh

The team

Aashutosh Bhatt
Data Engineer.
Data Engineer.
Dhara Shah
Data Artist.
Ritvvij Parrikh
Founder. CEO.
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Advisors and Mentors

Dr. Rami Sabbah (PhD)
Advanced Math Advisor
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