Anomaly Detection

Did something strange or out-of-the-ordinary happen in a signal stream?
When did it happen and how did it affect other metrics?

Data Smoothing

How do I exclude the noise of sudden activities in my business signal?
Can I see a overall seasonal patterns more clearly?

Growth Views

What is the overall rise or decline in my business measures over a specific period of time?
How does this compare across multiple time periods?

Trend Searcher

Can I see if a pattern of values for a business metric appears multiple times in a data stream?
Can I extract data that meets a certain set of range criteria?

Dimension Analysis

How do business sub-activities contribute back to the overall
performance over the period of 1 year/ 6months/ Quarters?

Visual comparison and Lead-Lag Analysis

Did a similar pattern occur in the past? Is the activity subject to seasonality?
Is there an easy way for me to see how much time it took for one activity to trigger changes in another?

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