Hi there 👋

We're an Information Design Studio

The world around is complex and nuanced. However, people have finite time and capacity to digest this reality. We are betting that this bottleneck will never go away and that it can only be mitigated. We use design and algorithms to scale human thought... to separate signal from noise.

How we help

We use design and algorithms to build information products that help you:

1. Communicate (get message from one brain to another)

2. Decide (get insights from data to brain)

3. Problem Solve (get ideas from brain to pen and paper)

Invest with us

We are structured as a R&D Lab. Every year, we bet big on one problem with a partner that has funds, domain knowledge and access to market. Together we discover new products and business. If the bet works, we hive it off and then restart. In the past 5 years we have made four bets out of which one has worked.

[Update: September 2018] In March 2017, we started a 16 month long engagement with Washington DC based International Center for Journalists. After completion of this engagement, ICFJ Knight Fellow Nasr ul Hadi and our co-founder Ritvvij Parrikh co-founded PROTO. With this formation, we relocated to New Delhi and majority of our team moved to PROTO. Now, pykih restarts for the 5th time.

Design with us

Good design isn't magic; it is cause and effect. The purpose of design is not to refine but to rethink. The purpose of design is not to add more features but to improve core features. When designing, we strive to:

  • Structure: When we encounter reality, we seek ways to structure so we can organize and see through it.
  • Simplify: We dismiss most aspects of reality. We concentrate on those aspects that seem relevant.
  • Visual: We use visuals to convey complex ideas that are difficult to explain in words.
  • Sum up: We help you go from 30,000 ft view (executive summaries) to 500 ft view (granular details) and back.

Code with us

This infrastructural code has been battle tested and improved since 2014.

We have broken information design into basic building blocks (like Lego) and assemble these blocks for your use case. These building blocks help speed up development of reliable software and lower cost of custom development. We take responsibility of keeping the visualizations and sites we build alive for years after development.

How we deal

Clean dealing. No hidden fees.

Legal: We sign a Master Services Agreement with clients that broadly sets the terms of engagement between us. Details about each project are mentioned in Work Orders.

Have limited budget?

Any of the following solutions could help you achieve the job — get from one place to another.

Worry not! The same job can be achieved at different price points.

Psst.... Hey! S here. Let me know if you have questions. I am happy to disturb Dhara mommy on your behalf ;)