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Scale human thought

We use design and algorithms to build information products and services that scale human thought by separating signal from noise.

We use design and algorithms to build information products and services that scale human thought by separating signal from noise.

Problem solving

Get ideas from brain(s) to paper


Get message from one brain to another


Decision making

Get insights from data to brain

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The problem we solve

We are not everything to everyone. We are optimized to solve one problem.

The world around us is complex and nuanced. However, people have finite time and capacity to digest this reality. We are betting that this bottleneck will never go away and that it can only be mitigated. 

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Our approach

Good design isn’t magic; it is cause and effect. When designing, we strive to:

✔ Simplify: We dismiss most aspects of reality. We concentrate on those aspects that seem relevant.

✔ Structure: When we encounter reality, we seek ways to structure so we can organize and see through it.

✔ Sum up: We help you go from 30,000 ft view (executive summaries) to 500 ft view (granular details) and back.

✔ Visual: We use visuals to convey complex ideas that are difficult to explain in words.

✔ Modularize: We break the solution down into building blocks (like Lego) and assemble them for your use case.

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Meet the team.

These are the people that work at Pykih, support customers, and keep the ship running every day.

In 2013, it took us 72 interviews across 9 months to hire our first person. The first three were college drop-outs, who had quit college to start their companies. They folded their startups to join pykih. That’s the day we decided: till one can problem solve and code, it does not matter where have you studied from.

Care to join us?

Ritvvij Parrikh
Founder, Advisor (New Delhi)
Dhara Shah
Managing Partner (New Delhi)
Gaurav Bhagchandani
Senior Software Engineer (Mumbai)
Yatish Agrawal
Designer (Indore)
Pankaj Prajapati
Software Developer (Ghaziabad)
CA Ashutosh Agrawal
Finance (Ahmedabad)
Vishesh Bansal
Legal (New Delhi)
Chief Entertainment Officer
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Fun fact

pykih began in 2013. We had designs to sell, and a client wanted to purchase them, but we did not have a company yet. After days of searching for a meaningful, SEO-optimised, numerology-certified names, we chanced upon a captcha. We decided to use it as the company name. That’s the day we decided: till we do good work, it does not matter what we are called.