Life as a series of bets

Brick by brick, we're bootstrapping our way towards an Information Products R&D Lab. Every 1-2 years, we make one big bet on a new approach or a problem. If the bet works, we hive it off and then restart. Often we make the bet with a larger partner that has funds, domain knowledge and access to market.

Bet 1 (Sep13 — Jun14)

While India has many creative UI-heavy design studios, there are not enough who are attempting to mix analytics and design. Hence, the first bet was — can we bootstrap an Information Design Studio from India?

Bet 2 (Jul14 — Apr15)

Next, we wanted to reduce cost yet increase reliability. Hence, the next bet was — can we invest in break information design into building blocks (like Lego)? During this period, we built PykQuery.js, PykCharts.js and Rumi Data Engine (GitHub for Data).

Bet 3 (May15 — Apr16)

Can visual analytics on TimesSeries data be brought to business managers at 1/10th the cost? (for

Bet 4 (May16 — Dec17)

Can visual analytics be brought to SMEs at 1/10th the cost?

Bet 5 (Sep15 — Feb17)

Can visual analytics be brought to Doctors for every day decisions (with Pulse Infoframe)?

Bet 6 (Mar17 — Jul18)

Can newsrooms launch single topic sites in a sustainable way (with Washington DC based International Center for Journalists)?

[Update: September 2018] After completion of this engagement, ICFJ Knight Fellow Nasr ul Hadi and our co-founder Ritvvij Parrikh co-founded PROTO. With this formation, we relocated to New Delhi and majority of our team moved to PROTO. Now, pykih restarts for the 5th time.

What next?