pykih is a 6 year old information design studio that is trusted by 90+ brands across 7 countries. We make your data and content human.

Work at a data visualization company in India

We are extremely selective with whom we want to work with.

Work at a data visualization company in India

We are extremely selective with whom we want to work with.

Good design isn't magic.
It is cause and effect.

To discover products (effect), one needs to invest in (the cause) team and culture.

In 2013, it took us 72 interviews across 9 months to hire our first person. The first three were college drop-outs, who had quit college to start their companies. They folded their startups to join pykih. That’s the day we decided: till one can problem solve and code, it does not matter where have you studied from.

The transformation are we aiming for

When our first hire quit, he was immediately picked up by a well-funded startup. His salary before and after pykih grew by 3.75x within 1.5 years. Since then, most pykih alumni who have graduated through pykih has seen financial growth from 1.4x to 8x and they have gone on to join leading companies like Fractal Analytics, Embibe, Wikimedia Foundation, start their own companies and one even got into MBA and MS programs at IVY League Schools in US.

How we build teams

We do not hire based on who you are or where you have come from (degrees from fancy colleges). Instead we hire based on where you are headed. We find young professionals with strong fundamentals, work ethic and hunger to build.

We constantly push your limits to help you redefine who you are. Join pykih to learn to punch above your weight. Join pykih to transform yourself into a focused, multi-disciplinary creator who problem solve.

If you are not a disciplined geek at heart, you will find it tough to survive. The office environment is extremely disciplined and focused yet fun-filled and chilled. Our objective is to provide you with anything and everything, that is within our reach and you need to become the best-in-class at what you are supposed to do.

However, learning at pykih is not spoon fed. Only grounded, driven, self-starters survive. Pykih will create opportunities for you to grow. It is up to you to grow.

Life at Pykih

We are heavily influenced by Amazon’s principles. Below are some key points:

We believe in work-life balance. We do not work on evenings, nights and Sundays. But during the time we are at work, we strive to complete at least two, 3-hour, deep-work sessions.

Our Earth is flat. Irrespective of your level of seniority, everyone does everything, everyone is equally approachable and everyone has similar job designations. If you have the best idea, irrespective of their level of seniority, we will make it happen.

Current Openings

We are always looking to hire interns who have a background in Design, Data Science and Frontend Development.

Things we believe in

At a personal level, we see ourselves as problem solvers (period). Our other identities – engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, etc. are secondary. Software is a means to an end. It is not the final goal. Software is not much different from other skills like carpentry or masonry. Software allows us to solve problems. The goal is the problem. We are creators.

We can create value for others by simply thinking and coding. If we create value for others, they will pay. Certain people are better suited at creating than others. When you watch cricket, movies, etc. you are basically consuming content or stuff created by others. If in your daily life, if you net consuming more than net producing then the probability of you being a good creator is low. pykih looks to hire net creators, who create for the fun of creating. To create something useful, you need to have deeply thought about the world around you. Can you identify the froth in the coffee?

Finally, Specialisation Pays! In the first 20-30 years of your life, have you spent time in mastering one thing? Specialisation takes time, focus and stability. It cannot be achieved by those who keep changing jobs or domains or passions every two years. Your mentors should be may be athletes who get up every day and run to improve every single day.