For content sites and news

Don't just blog. Plan, manage and publish content like a pro.

Build audience by serving well-defined information needs.

Curate your homepage

Customize and curate the look and feel of your content and microsites.

Clean reading experience

Would you watch a sports match without knowing which teams are playing and what's at stake? Then why should readers go to an entire article without getting a preview.

Once in, give visitors clean reading experience along with utilities.

Define spaces

Ensure visitors understand how the site is structured, what space is where and how to navigate it. Our additions to WordPress will help you achieve a clean information architecture.

Plan content for each space

After information architecture comes content strategy. Efficiently run operations to consistently fill the system with content which could be routine, acquired, planned or ad hoc.

Topic pages

Every category, tag, format and presentation deserves automated pages of their own.