Customize and curate the look and feel of your content and microsites.

Homepage zeitgeist fit

Good songs are heard even decades later. Yet, context (exercise, dinner...) defines which songs we listen to and in what sequence. Similarly, why should your homepages only be sorted reverse-chronologically?

React quickly changing your homepage and surface content that is relevant to the mood of the times. Or sort posts into any order. Ideal for content that adds up over time: courses, series, tutorials.

How to build your homepage

1. Compose slices. A slice has six data points:

2. Add content to a slice in one of three ways:

  • Associate a playlist and 10 articles from the playlist appear
  • OR Manually add media (images)
  • OR Manually add and sort pages, posts, aggregation and events

3. Choose a view for each slice

4. Stitch slices together into pages

Make this process more efficient

Define playlists by selecting categories, tags, formats, presentations, authors, time range. This can help you create a unique playlist for latest content, genres (like adventure, thriller, romance, etc.), tags (like India, World War I, etc.), formats (like movies, TV shows, documentaries, etc.).

Pin specific content so they appear at the top of the slice irrespective of its publish date.

Why are we doing this

WordPress is a page-centric CMS. It mixes presentation (HTML) and content. Every time you want to change your presentation, you need to rewrite your content. So we have split content from presentation. We do this by forcing WordPress’s Gutenberg Editor to break pages into chunks of information called slices. Once a slice has been written, it can be presented in multiple ways without rewriting the content.