Clean reading experience

Would you watch a sports match without knowing which teams are playing and what's at stake? Then why should readers go to an entire article without getting a preview.

Once in, give visitors clean reading experience along with utilities.

Decide time/energy required to read

Most readers read less than 300 words of an article. Then why force them to navigate them out of the homepage at all.

On click of an article, preview opens where user can quickly read through headline, excerpts and browser through image gallery.

A preview open also registers as as page view in google analytics.

Every article shows headline, image, reading time, icon that represents presentation (image or video). So even before clicking on the card, the user is aware of the type of content it holds.

Presentations - Gallery

Presentations - Video

Do not exit the homepage unless required

Your homepage is the best recommendation engine.

Most of the content heavy websites use recommendation engine for article suggestions. When the user lands to the article page, he loses context of how he landed on that page.


The goal is to provide a clean reading experience with utilities:

  • Allow visitor to jump to relevant sections within the article by showcasing an auto-generated table of contents¬†
  • A progress bar appears on the top of the article page to help user estimate how long is the article.¬†
  • Once the reader reaches at the bottom of the page, he/she can click on arrow to jump to top of the page.