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iTunes for Datasets?

By Pykih
Published Dec 22, 2019
Updated Mar 25, 2021


Companies with data-driven managers are more efficient. In fact, nucleus research report states — “Analytics Pays Back $13.01 for Every Dollar Spent”. However, there are significant challenges

  • Data is locked in silos. Data may be all over the place, spread across excel files, databases and SaaS software.
  • Sometimes company culture do not promote transparency. Data is locked behind function and hierarchy.
  • No bird’s eye view of what all data pieces exist
  • No bird’s eye view of how these pieces can fit together/connect
  • Once a dataset is discovered, there is no appropriate documentation of how to interpret the data
  • No easy way to mix datasets
  • MIS teams and data analysts in the company are often disconnected from day-to-day business execution

Even the most data-driven managers between us today at most skilled in MS Excel.


Break down silos, empower teams and drive a data culture

iTunes for Data

This problem is already solved with iTunes, albeit for music collection. One can organize all their music by artists, albums, year, genre. The software also allows you mix songs you want to explore together into playlists. Algorithms and data science can also recommend similar music that you should explore. Why isn’t there something like this but for all the data in my company?

AIR helps you answer questions like:

  • What data exists that is relevant to my business problem?
  • How can I help my team use the right data, faster?
  • How do I get a bird’s eye view of my organization’s data?
  • AIR allows you to register all your data, in one place.

FROM cathedral (one-ring-to-rule-them-all) TO bazaar

Business is dynamic and business users need the freedom to build and follow their own processes, model their businesses uniquely in spreadsheets and use different tools. Traditional Business Intelligence makes you put all your data in one single database. This results in operational issues, latency problems, governance challenges and unwarranted data duplication. AIR embraces variety by giving you a thin layer of software on top of your data. The data remains with you and never leaves your system. It uses data algorithms to give you a one-world view of all your business data.

FROM big data TO small relevant data

Data in the absence of context is notorious for delivering bad insight. AIR allows you to combine data from various sources, filter and aggregate it as per your needs into the relevant subset. You can then share your datacuts with your team and even download it as a spreadsheet (Excel, CSV) for further data analysis.



You can see all the data in your company. Preview the table and see the first 5-10 rows.

The system automatically learns importance of each table and each column based on usage and accordingly sets the importance bar for each data point.

Click on the ‘curate’ tab to study the data dictionary i.e. what are the columns, data type of each column and why that column exists. Click on the ‘see also’ tab to see other tables with which this table can be joined.

Data Cuts is a simple interface to help business users select, combine and slice down across multiple datasets to narrow them down before visual exploration. Data Cuts can mix data across two excel sheets.

This allows you to reduce down from Big data to little but relevant data, there by giving you the highest probability of finding a relevant insight instead of random correlations.