See your business as a Sum of Parts

Sales operations involves territories, product and salesmen.

Insights you can gain from this chart

1. Total Revenue can be seen in the central circle - $5.360M

2. A quick hover over Level 1 pie shows that Pune contributes the highest revenue (15%) to company.

3. On hovering over Level 2 pie beyond Pune, you can see that "General Purpose Creams.." contributes highest revenue to Pune, which in turn is 5.49% of total revenue.

4. Instead of "hovering", you could simply select Pune from the drop down on the top and it will highlight the relevant parts.

5. Now let's say you want to find out which Salesmen are contributing maximum revenue inside Pune. Go to the bottom of the chart, and drag drop "Salesman" tag prior to the "Product Category" and repeat the analysis.

This is a modified Sunburst chart, which is a multilevel pie chart that is used to visualize hierarchical data, depicted by concentric circles.

Sales Revenue
Salesman Count

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