Wikipedia-like pages

A district collector wants to see your data for her level of analysis i.e. her district. Provide pre-built Wiki style pages to targeted audience that package your data for a person, place, organisation or thing.

Make your data discoverable

Different target audiences will want to study your data from different levels of analysis — district, state, country, region. How is a candidate performing? How is a political party performing?

Make this data discoverable on Google search by converting data into web pages that Google can crawl.

Typically, each of these pages start with an introduction about the entity. Sometimes we have scraped the introduction from Wikipedia.

A page for each level of analysis

Designing and building these pages is a service. We need to collectively decide:

  • Which insights do we want to show in the page
  • How to query the data for that insight
  • What is the best visual for that insight
  • Are there any narratives that can be written from the data using natural language generation
  • Finally auto-create the pages

Compare pages

Allow visitors to choose any two pages of same entity (e.g. two states) and then compare them.

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