Help users see something that is otherwise not visible using tools like filters, sorts, highlight.

Go beyond being just a system of record

Are you a SaaS or enterprise software business? Expand your product line by offering visual analytics to your customers on top of their data right inside of your product.

Custom Visualizations

Humans think intuitively and visually. Yet, most data is communicated through strict, pre-defined mediums of communication e.g. static reports, MS Excel or standard charts like pie and bar. This causes loss of information. Go beyond bar, pie and line charts. Custom visualizations specific to your problems will help you read more data points in one glance.

Structured Sites

Let audience form their own opinion

Sometimes it is not enough to tell a story. Sometimes it is critical for audience to explore and digest the information in a way that is personally meaningful to them, at their own pace, guided by personal curiosity. While the enterprise software world calls them "Decision Support Tools" and journalism calls it “News Apps”, we prefer to refer to them as simply “Calculators”.