Irrespective of the function, the final visual can take any of the following forms — dashboards, reports, charts, maps, visual essays, visual analytics, infographics, interactive, microsites, etc.

FYI visuals

Live Dashboards

TV dashboards

Structured Content Microsites

Exploratory visuals

Slice/dice dashboards

Visual Analytics

Are you a SaaS CRM or Support software with existing customers? Go beyond being just a system of record. Expand your product line by offering visual analytics to your customers on top of their data right inside of your product.

Explanatory visuals

Unveil the story with every scroll (Scrollytelling)

Is your content being ignored because it is “too long; didn’t read”? Show, don’t tell!

Unveil the story with PLAY button (videos)

Unveil the story with NEXT button

Do scenario and what-if analysis with Calculators

Sometimes it is not enough to tell a story. Sometimes it is critical for a reader or audience to explore and digest the data/model/idea/story in a way that is personally meaningful to them, at their own pace, guided by personal curiosity. Let readers form their own opinions without taking the author’s argument word-for-word. While the enterprise software world calls them "Decision Support Tools" and journalism calls it “News Apps”, we prefer to refer to them as simply “Calculators”.


Learn Data Visualization from us. Below are some trainings conducted by pykih

  • Took two training sessions on Data Journalism for journalists at Media Indaba, Cape Town, South Africa, October 2017
  • Taught Data Visualization at Global Editors Network event at Mumbai, April 2017
  • Taught Data Visualization at Z-Innoway, Beijing, October 2015
  • Took two training sessions on Data Journalism for 60 journalists at ICFJ and World Bank’s dBootCamp Delhi, August 2014 (One of the presentation)
  • Taught Data Visualization subject to 1 batch of Engineering students at Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, Mumbai
  • Taught Data Visualization subject to 1 batch of Communications students at Thadomal Sahani College, Mumbai
  • Taught Data Visualization subject to 3 batches of Analytics Masters students at Aegis Business School, Mumbai
  • Taught Data Visualization at Fifth Elephant’s Runner Up event hosted at India Today, Noida, June 2014
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